Sara Stratton is the gold standard of book publishing. We worked together for five years and I have never had the privilege of working with such a consummate professional. She is extremely knowledgable, kind, courteous, and one of the finest people I have ever known. I wholeheartedly recommend that you bring her on board to publish your book!
— Michael Levin, New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO,
As a first time author, I quickly learned that completing the content portion of a book is only the beginning. As self-publisher, Sara Stratton took the burden off me and supported me through arguably the most important part of my book: Cover Design, Proofreading & Editing, Finding an affordable printer … I just can’t thank her enough for her dedication to making sure my book was the best it could be. This business is personal for Sara, and I felt personal touch throughout our work together and even today, when I am going back to the printer for the next 1,000 copies!
— G. Tate Groome, CFP®, CLU®, Colton Groome & Company, Author of ...the Best Policy
Sara’s expertise in book publishing allowed me to focus on the content and relax about the process. From start to finish my experience with Sara was exceptional and the end result is a book that I think we are both proud of!
— Anne Grey, best selling author, Sex and the Single Girl: A [Slightly Older] Girl's Guide To Dominating the Dating World
Redwood was amazing to work with. Being a first time writer, I had no clue as to the publication process. Sara guided me through every step of the way, and helped me to hit the best seller’s on Amazon. I truly appreciate everything she did for me and would recommend her to anyone looking to become published.
— Jeffrey Althaus, J.D., author, You Only Die Once
As one may imagine, the demands of clients alone—CEOs and others of that ilk who are emptying their lives into their books—can be considerable. It’s often a delicate balance; a profound exercise in diplomacy. She has to be fluent in so many “languages.” And the painstaking details of manuscript development can take on a life of their own. Add to that the cultivation, care and feeding of those of us writing and editing these books in tandem with these clients, and it takes something close to a machine to manage all of this.

The thing about Sara, though, is while she is able to maintain a laser-like focus and get it all done, she is as warm, genuine, kind, generous, creative and accessible as anyone can possibly be. She is the human in the machine—the great and powerful wizard behind the curtain. While the challenges she faced are unfathomable to me, she never failed to meet them gracefully and with aplomb. Nothing was ever too big, too much, too small or too insignificant for her to invest her time—even if she had none left at the end of a day. Somehow everything was handled—and made even better because of Sara.
— Beth Herman, author, ghostwriter and reporter (Washington Post, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Harvard Divinity School Office of Communications, Farmers' Almanac, American Builders Quarterly)
Redwood Publishing is the crème de la crème in the editing world. I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my work. As a “big picture” person, I don’t get caught up in the small details (e.g., does a comma go here or here?; is that supposed to be capped or not?). With Sara, I know she will take care of everything for me, and my final product will have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed, and I will have something that I am proud to tie to my name.
— Katie Dunlop, Owner, LoveSweatFitness, creator of #lsfteam
I have been beyond impressed with the work Redwood Publishing has done for me. Sara is extremely hard-working, dedicated, and very knowledgeable. She has worked so hard, putting in so much time and effort, to get my book published and the final product is beautiful and everything I had hoped it would be. Thank you, Sara and Redwood Publishing.
— -Heidi, Author of “Honeymoon In Baghdad"