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Below you’ll find some of the authors whose books we’ve helped publish on Amazon. From editing and proofreading to design and production, Redwood has helped each one of these authors move from a manuscript saved as a word document on their computer to a finished, published book.

kevin deer & the twelve mistresses of the zodiac

Kevin Deer, a junior in high school at Cambridge Boarding Academy, encounters a humiliating heartbreak from his first love. By chance, or perhaps fate, the hopeless romantic discovers a magical book, left behind by his astrology professor, that enchants a serendipitous series of events to help him eventually find true love-- he would encounter 12 girls with 12 different zodiac signs. As he embarks on this journey with his best friends Claire and Sam, a mysterious cyber bully named Z emerges to ruin everything. Kevin will eventually have to learn the true meaning of love before it's too late. If Kevin isn't careful, he could lose his chance at love forever.

you only die once: a guide to estate planning for you and your loved ones

“WHY DO I NEED A WILL, OR TRUST, OR POWER OF ATTORNEY?” “WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING IN PLACE AT ALL?” The simple answer is … YOU ONLY DIE ONCE. But what really does happen if you pass away and don’t have a plan in place? This topic is a difficult one to begin discussing, and once you do start to talk about it, it can sometimes be impossible to comprehend or you receive legal advice that only confuses the matter. This book was written with an eye toward simplicity and keeping it easy to understand for everyone. It will be your guide to understanding what estate planning is, what documents make up a good plan, how those documents work, and what happens if you don’t have a plan in place. From wills, to trusts and everything in between, this book provides the groundwork so you can understand the basics. Should you make a plan for yourself? Do you need a lawyer? What is a living will? All of these questions and more are answered inside.

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