Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work from start to finish?


First, you and Redwood Digital Publishing have a call to discuss your book -- the current state your book is in, the goals you want to accomplish with your book, and go through any questions you may have about the publishing process. Once you and Redwood decide this is a good fit, the work will begin.

Redwood will evaluate your book, and give you a clear and concise timeline of when certain things will happen (editing, cover design conversation, publishing, printing) and what you and your Redwood team member will be doing each week, to ensure things stay on track.

At the end of the process, you will receive a fully designed book that has all copyright and registrations taken care of, and your book will be released as a digital book and physical book (if so desired).

How do I know if I am qualified for self-publishing?

Everybody is qualified for self-publishing!

How do I get a cover?

Once Redwood has evaluated your needs, you will receive a “cover design questionnaire” which you will read and fill out, to begin discussions with Redwood. After this conversation, you will then receive your first set of sample covers, 3-7 samples of a front cover design, and you and your designer will walk through what you like/don’t like about each one. You will then receive a second round of designs, with covers edited as per the last conversation. At that time, you and your designer will be close to selecting a final cover.

Once the final cover is selected, your designer will create the rest of the cover (spine and back cover) for your approval.

How do I get the book on Amazon?

Redwood will take care of this for you.

As part of your publishing service, Redwood will evaluate the best categories for your book to be placed in, and advise you as to the best timing to release your book.

All book sales from Amazon will go straight to you, without any share or cut of sales to Redwood.

Where do I get a copyright?

Redwood will take care of the copyright registration for your book, to ensure the Copyright Offices receive and register your book’s copyright, under your name. The official paperwork will be sent directly to you.

Do I need a Library of Congress number? What is it for?

A Library of Congress number is your book’s unique identification number (similar to an ISBN), but it is used specifically at the Library of Congress. Your book, via this number, is placed in a specific catalog record, and the title is added to the Library’s collections.

This is something that Redwood will apply for, in your behalf.

How do I get into bookstores?

Getting into bookstores is a tricky one. If you’re looking to get into a big chain (like B&N, for example), you have to sign up with a distributor, who will take thousands of copies of your book, and make it available to the stores. There is no guarantee that the stores pick the book up, but if they do, it’s usually 2-6 months after the book has already been available online for purchase. Bookstores are behind in the “self publishing” world, and so they can’t make immediate requests for product, until they are able to get new stock in.

What about airports?

Getting your book into airports is the one true “pay to play” type of agreement. Typically, the cost is around $10,000, but you can usually get into the three major airport stores (Hudson, for example, is one of them). If you are interested in this, Redwood is happy to put you in touch with vendors they trust and know.