Sara Stratton, President & CEO

A University of California, Irvine, alumna, Sara studied Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism, and Women’s Studies. Sara hosted her own radio show through the KUCI Program, and then worked at National Geographic in Washington, D.C., in the International Affairs Magazine Division, and the children’s magazine department.

Sara is a recognized expert in the publishing industry, and most recently created, developed, and implemented the publishing division of one of the most prominent ghostwriting firms in the United States. 

Her work includes:

  • Memoirs
  • Business inspirational and motivational books
  • Women “disrupting” the industry through social change
  • Business books (e.g., Finance, CEO lessons learned, etc.)
  • Medical/healthcare books and guides for the everyday reader
  • Academic articles and manuscripts
  • Blogs, tweets, monthly newsletters, and other short-form material

Some accomplishments that speak to her success in the publishing industry:

  • Editor of an International Best Selling business and motivational book
  • Writer on a Kindle #1 Best Selling business book
  • Editor on a book that was recently picked up by Deep River Books
  • Amazon best seller (for several clients)
  • Amazon Top 100 Authors promotion



Chris Bielinski, Chief Technology Officer

With over ten years experience with software engineering and graphic design, Chris is a proficient system architect, database designer, and web/mobile application developer.  

He has a proven ability to develop a brand and communications strategy with a cohesive experience across multiple mediums and has worked with companies like Activision and Ubisoft building high-traffic websites.