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Redwood helps authors take control of their story by providing decades of publishing experience. Whether you are a first-time writer or a seasoned author, Redwood will guide you through the frequently evolving, opaque, and challenging process that typifies today’s publishing industry.

Bottom line: we help you get published, and our team’s considerable talents provide you with customized support. Whether it’s working with a professional writer to take your ideas and stories to the printed page, an editor or proofreader to review your written work, or designers and marketing experts to ensure that your material receives the proper attention from publishers or readers, Redwood Digital is here to help you share your stories with the world.

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If you’re tired of waiting years for a company to publish your book…
If you’re fed up with being transferred to multiple departments to get one simple thing done…
If you’re overwhelmed with everything being left in your hands…
If you don’t even know where to start…

Then Redwood Publishing is for you!


At Redwood, we believe in a collaborative approach and will...

·      Guide you with the best strategies and tips;
·      Provide you with expert writing and editorial assistance;
·      Help you pick the most appropriate design (inside and out); and
·      Time your book release to ensure the best possible outcome.



Our writers will take your words, ideas and stories, and put them to paper. The process is designed for maximum efficiency, because we know your time is valuable. Your writer will interview you, arrange an outline, and then iteratively generate chapter after chapter based not only the information you provide verbally, but, if needed, additional materials and research.

Our goal is simple: Create a beautiful manuscript, ready for publication, that will make you proud. 


Redwood offers a free editing consultation with a team editor. Somebody will read a selected portion of your draft and provide comments and feedback, to either move you in the right direction so you can make changes yourself, or, if you decide, bring Redwood’s expert team onboard.

If you work with Redwood, our editors will shape your draft into a piece that has one voice, reads with clarity, and eliminates awkward sentences and poor grammar. They will ensure continuity and a proper flow, from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, and chapter to chapter.

Book Design

Using our unique design questionnaire, our team will create a cover that appropriately reflects you, your voice, and the contents inside your book. In the publishing world, the old adage of “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” doesn’t exist: books are judged by their covers. Many readers make the decision whether to buy a volume based simply on the cover, so getting this right is essential. Redwood has decades of experience crafting the perfect design. 

Web Design

Whether you are promoting a book online or garnering interest in speaking engagements, our website team can help you build a successful online presence. We will work directly with you to coordinate the design and release of a website to supplement your promotion or marketing efforts.


One of our Redwood print specialists—an esoteric art and science to be sure—will work with you to determine which print type makes the most sense for your manuscript.


Redwood will help you work through promotional strategies and ideas to make sure that when the book is released, you are prepared to capitalize on promotional opportunities.

We have worked with trusted vendors for years, and know what they need to make sure your book gets a big “splash.” Working together, we will promote your book in the appropriate outlets and to the right audience.


Redwood will help you create a book that markets your ideas and yourself, and, critically, markets it to the right audience. This includes, but is not limited to, considering the use of marketing materials and approaching particular outlets for book placement. 


Ready to get started?

Please call for more information and get your unique book strategy. No two books are the same, and Redwood does not promote or engage in "template" books. Each book is assessed and approached differently, depending on the needs of the book, the client, and the intended audience. 

Redwood Publishing works with the best in the business. With over twenty years of combined experience, Redwood and its affiliates maintain excellence. 

David Gagnon, Rene Gagnon, of Allura Printing